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A few notes about myself:

I was born many, many moons ago in a slowly shinking city called Hamilton, Ohio (that, after I moved away, tried to draw attention to itself by officially adding an exclamation point to its name for a few years). Despite only living up there for eight years, I still feel a bond to the Cincinnati area. The most recent 35 years of my life, I've spent in southeastern Kentucky.

I started collecting comics in 1984, and discovered gaming at Transylvania University in 1985 (a real school, I kid you not), and spent the next few years playing such varied games as AD&D, Space Opera, Twilight: 2000 and Champions. It wasn't until early 1988 that I discovered Robotech comics, which led me into my current hobbies of anime collecting, and being a Palladium know-it-all. In May of that year, I actually played the Robotech RPG under Kevin Siembieda at Marcon 23, and was hooked.

Since then, I've tried to get a college degree (off and on), while writing in my spare time. My games are erratic, but tend to get twisted, and sometimes metaphysical. Due to health reasons, I've pretty much fallen off the con circuit, after attending Marcon in Columbus 21 straight years, and being staff for Sugoicon & Anime Central from their inception, until 2007.

In fact, my health was so stressed that I was getting sick at the two anime cons above, and was so out of it by Sunday, that to some I appeared to be under the influence of something (when, in fact, I've never used drugs, and can count the times I've drank alcohol on one hand with fingers left over). It was so bad, that either in 2006 or 2007, it took me over 24 hours to drive back from Anime Central (what is normally a 10 hour trip).

When I make it to Gen Con, I usually take part in the "Puffing Billy" Railroad board games tournament, and occasionally run Robotech RPG games if I can find time to squeeze one in. But, again, health issues have conspired, along with finances (prior to 2009, my late father would supply me a rental car for con trips rather than risk me breaking down on the side of the road - the least he could do, given that my own cars usually were in dire need of repair from damage my addict brother would do to them, and my dad was the worst kind of enabler for my brother's activity).

The gaming files can be found by following the links below:

The first link is for the files yet to be updated; the second link is for files as they are updated.

The Game files have actually undergone a lot of changes in the last 7 years, and there WILL be an overhaul soon, along with most of the files being redone as PDFs.

Old Gaming Files Updated gaming files

Gaming Files Last Updated:
February 13,2005
The Palladium Books Fan-created FAQ can be found by following the link below. I'm currently trying to persuade people on the Palladium Fans Facebook group to help me bring this up to date:

The Original Palladium Fan FAQ

FAQ Last Updated:
November 7, 2002
My fanfic files can be found by following the link below. In the last few years, I converted most of my older fics to PDFs, but plan on going back, editing them once more, and re-converting them (especially since my current conversion software works MUCH better than what I originally used)

Fanfic Files Last Updated:
Stay Tuned!
The link below is to Palimpsests. It is an in-depth study of the Robotech series and its timeline, in an effort to reconcile as many contradictions within it as possible. Note that this is still as relevant in demolishing the ham-handed retcons of Harmony Gold as it was when last updated 9 years ago.

Palimpsests: A study in Robotech timeline development Palimpsests Appendix - relevant sections of Robotech Art 3

Palimpsests Last Updated:
January 29, 2003

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New Items:

Stay tuned for massive updates!
"The ABP-Z4 REF Zentraedi Assault Pod" = An article here first, it was printed in issue #5 of The Rifter!
"Morlock's Revenge" = A short-lived biweekly comics review column that appeared on the Transylvania University BBS in 1985-86.
"The Marcon (21) Report": A report I wrote for a class in 1986, edited into an article for the Low Orbit SF semi-prozine.
"Forum", Dragon Magazine: Letters that appeared in issues #143 and #163.
Protoculture Addicts: at least one letter in the letter columns.
"The Subemeco": Sue Bennett College's school newspaper. 1993-1994 school year, multiple articles (at least one per issue).
Various gaming groups in SE Kentucky, starting with the now-defunct Hobby Center Gamers in 1986, and continuing to this day. Currently, Top Shelf Games in downtown Corbin, KY.
LexFA (The Lexington Fantasy & Science Fiction Association): Since 1988.
Anime Central: 1998-2007.
Sugoicon: 2000-2007. Most of this was as assistant DH for registration, before health became an issue
Anime Cincinnati: 1993-2000. Club now defunct, evolved into the core staff for Sugoicon.

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