1st Lt Brandon D Nuttall, 0708752
December 9, 1944
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On December 9, 1944 eight pilots from the 379th flew a mission to drop medical supplies to the hard-pressed ground troops, the 357th Infantry of the 90th Division. In bad weather, four pilots flew top cover while the other four, including Dad, dropped the supplies.
  1. General Order 11, Citation for awards of oak leaf cluster
  2. 362nd Group HQ Report (from Mogin's Maulers)
  3. Bob Searl's account of the mission (from Mogin's Maulers)
  4. Location of Dillingen, Germany (Mapquest)
  5. http://www.dillingen-saar.de/ The home page for Dillingen, Germany, the area of the supply drop.
  6. http://www.90thdivisionassoc.org/90thDivisionFolders/357thbook/357hist.pdf  Supplies were dropped to troops of the 357th Infantry.
  7. http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/lorraine/lorraine-ch13.htm Detailed account of ground action. The 90th Infantry Division Crosses the Sarre begins on page 558. The relief mission is mentioned on page 582.
  8. Trench foot (definitely to be avoided)

Many thanks to Stefan Reuter, Dillingen, Germany, on the Saar River, who has researched the WWII history of his hometown and published a book on the subject. He identified the infantry units and provided some materials cited on this page.