1st Lt Brandon D Nuttall, 0708752
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At Etain, France. Photo by Bob Searl.
(L-R) Art Wildern, Jr., Leo Szarfinski, Brandon Nuttall, Barton Townsend Williams.

I am researching my father's military service. Brandon D. Nuttall, serial number 0708752, was a P-47 pilot. He trained at Eagle Pass, Texas and Page Field, Florida. He served in the 9th Air Corp, 19th Tactical Air Command, 100th Fighter Wing, 362nd Fighter Group, 379th Fighter Squadron from October, 1944 to March 1945. All combat missions were flown from two airfields in France: A-79 (Prosnes) and A-82 (Etain). He received a unit citation, air medal, and oak leaf clusters during the course of 46 combat missions. One mission was in relief of Allied infantry trapped in a woods near Saurlatern, Germany, when he helped drop medical supplies to the troops. He was shot down near Bad Kreuznach, Germany, on March 18, 1945. He sustained a broken arm in the crash and was awarded the Purple Heart. He was captured, but within two days his captors surrendered to him. He turned them over to Allied infantry occupying the town. My dad almost never spoke of his WWII experience and passed away in 1982.
This BLOG is a record of my research to put his story and the records I have together. If you find this site, I would appreciate your comments. If you are a P-47 pilot or maybe served with and remember my dad, your stories and information are appreciated.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Site Move
If you have found this site while rooting about the web for stuff about the 362nd and WWII, note that it is in the process of being moved to bnuttall.net and redesigned. There's nothing there yet, but keep checking. Thanks.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

More Photos
It has been a while since I posted here. That doesn't mean things aren't happening, however. Thanks to a researcher Filip VOJTÁŠEK, I located some frames of gun camera footage captioned with my father's name. Ammo truck destroyed by Nuttall
In another development, my Dad apparently left a box of photos with his mother. After both had passed away, the box somehow ended up in material stored at my mother's house where she discovered it recently. The photo set was unknown to both of us and has survived anonymously for more than 30 years. Here is Dad preparing to take off for his first combat mission.
First combat mission, engine running.
It will take a while to sort and scan all the photos. It looks like there will be too many for this site, so I'll have to add them to a Flickr photo album.
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