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As I'm now starting to work on my files again, I have decided to use OpenOffice to convert the larges files (those running 30 pages or more) to PDF to put up on the web page, instead of going through hell converting them to HTML. Only files with Active links have been converted so far.

The LGSA Post-Invid Robotech setting:

This setting is primarily a "state of the world" setting, based on the aftermath of my fanfic, The Freeman Chronicles. It can be used as a lead-in to a Rifts game, or the basis for further exploration into other dimensions or further outward into the Robotech universe. Consists of three parts: The Base LGSA Setting, The Mecha Files, and The LGSA in Rifts. NOTICE: The material contained within is of a mature nature in many ways, especially in terms of sexual situations, often occurring between characters that are under the age of 18. If you can't handle the relationships in Robert Heinlein's 60s-80s works (Time Enough for Love, etc.), you probably can't handle this either.

The RDF/ASC Navy Sea Spider: Derived from the Zentraedi "Tarantula" Recovery Pod, this vehicle straddles the line between "mecha" and "ship", capable of opeating anywhere in Earth's Oceans (or any other planet or moon's seas).

General Purpose Files

These are the files for all the games in the Palladium System.

  1. The Palladium Books Fan FAQ list

  2. Character creation tables: Mostly for Robotech; hair and eye color tables, along with pregnancy tables for those characters not practicing safe sex....

  3. Critical Tables: for Robot Vehicles, Mecha, Power Armor and Body Armor; using simple double damage is so boring...

  4. Miscellaneous Rules for Rifts, such as Rail Gun ammo, bartering rules, (also applicable to all other games) ways to speed up combat and elaboration on how mini-missiles work.

  5. Perception: The Protoculture Addicts version of the attribute, modified by me to be more game balanced.

  6. The Compiled Palladium Skill List (no definitions). Coming soon - an index to allow you to look up skills from across the Megaverse (so to speak). What the Rifts Index books did for looking up equipment, this will do for looking up those skills you wonder "Where in the hell did the character get this?" about. Also will include suggested alternate skill categories for some skills (for example, "Brewing" from PFRPG is hardly a medical skill, outside that RPG's setting).

  7. Skill Expansions. - Coming soon. Given that some skills' printed versions haven't been changed much since the mid-80s, there are several skills whose descriptions need updated for the modern day. Others have had implied uses, but no mechanics for it. Still more are O.C.C. skills for some O.C.C.s, yet all of their prerequisites are not allowed to the O.C.C. These files will be additions to the printed game text, to deal with these situations.

  8. Weapons and Armor Conversion System: This file is a system for converting Twilight: 2000 2nd Edition or SDC Heavy weapons and vehicles (from the Palladium SDC games) to Mega-Damage.

  9. The Emaan Files: This is a writeup of the Emaan race and Equipment from Superdimension Century Orguss. I'd appreciate it if anyone that has the official dimensions and weights for the vehicles send them to me, so I can replace my guesses. I hope to soon put up the Chiram mecha designs and the Mu, from the same series. Suitable for Robotech and Rifts, as well as the LGSA setting below.

Robotech-Specific Files

These are my files for or originating in the Robotech RPG.

  1. The Centaur Hovertank A conversion of the tank as it was in the Malcontent Uprisings comics.

  2. The Unofficial Southern Cross Handbook. This will be one of the files that ends up being PDF form.

  3. The Haydonite R.C.C. for Robotech II: The Sentinels. Now, you can play the race overlooked by the RPG.

  4. The LDD-4 Laser Designator: This is a infantry-use designator, to allow laser targeting of targets that aren't in line of sight with the vehicle(s) launching the ordnance.

  5. Hit Location Tables for SC Veritechs, REF Veritechs and the alien mecha they faced. Taken from Protoculture Addicts.

  6. Hit Location Tables for the rest of the mecha from the RPG. After all, many more were published after the PA article.

  7. The MR-03 Rapier: An upgraded version of the official Robotech MR-02 Protector, for use immediately after the fall of Monument City, by the Merchant Republic in South America.

  8. The MR-04 Durendal: An update of a fan version of the MR-02 Protector sent to me by a couple of guys from Australia.

  9. UF-34 Fighters: A pair of Robotech EBSIS fighters, with notes for design conversions to Rifts.

  10. Macross Memories: Rules and stats for stuff from the Macross Movie. Now with lots of graphics!

  11. Ranks for Robotech: A couple of simple tables, to tide me over until I can type in my T.O.E. files.

  12. Errata and modifications for the REF Z-4 Assault Battle Pod: A Veritech pod whose vehicle mode is a hovertank, and whose Guardian mode resembles the original OBP. Published in THE RIFTER #5, its entry here is now an update to correct some things I forgot in the Rifter version, as well as to make some changes to fit the version as drawn by Breaux.

  13. Revised REF Veritechs: Optional system for altering the weapons configuration on Alphas, Betas and Cyclones to fit the Game Master's interpretation of what the systems should be. Also includes two variant Vindicator designs that make more sense than the RPG design.

  14. Malcontent Stinger Construction Tables. All you need is a set of dice to put one together; but will your players survive it?

  15. The HERMES-1: Actually, a Stinger mecha belonging to the wife of the XO of Nazgul Squadron in one of my campaigns. A good example of just how deadly one of the Stingers can be...

  16. VR-064-XP Cyclone. A modified version of the Cyclone from Protoculture Addicts.

Rifts-Specific Files

These are my files for or originating in the Rifts RPG (with possible Robotech influence).

  1. The CS Lone Star Turkey Commando R.C.C. "OH MY GOD, THEY'RE TURKEYS!!!!" Winner of the coveted "Palladium Dagger" from the Palladium Mailing list, this is a (humorous) creation I posted Thanksgiving morning almost a decade ago.

  2. The Guardian Mystic. A powerful defender, using both psionics and magic, it is severely weakened outside the realm it is supposed to protect.

Miscellaneous files, and Riftech

These are for the other RPGs, or the Robotech/Rifts melding I call Riftech.

  1. The Circles of Soul Transference: Use the ultimate disguise; just don't think that you'll get your original body back...

  2. The Civilian Martial Artist O.C.C.: An O.C.C. set up to be compatible with both Ninjas & Superspies and Mystic China (dual sets of rules). This is a variant on the Worldly Martial Artist, set up for characters with NO military training (the W.M.A. gets the Basic Military program - huh???). Instead, these are characters raised in the outside world, trained by their family in the arts. Finally, a way to play a martial artist under 21.

  3. Riftech: A WORK IN PROGRESS!!! These files will probably encompass at least 5 parts. The files were last updated for some of the info in Spirit West and Coalition Navy, which goes to show you how much more work I have to do.

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