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Welcome To the home of The Freeman Chronicles and my other Robotech fan fiction. Over the years, I've put much effort into doing fanfic right (writing's the easy part - typing it in, THAT'S hard - I keep trying to edit and rewrite as I type it in).

YES, I'M FINALLY UPDATING AGAIN!!! (and writing all new stories, in 2012)

All Completed Fanfics are now in PDF Format. Some have been edited slightly from their original HTML versions. There's probably going to be ANOTHER round of editing this spring.

Stand-Alone Fanfics

These are my works not related (directly, at least) to the ongoing saga of the Freeman family.

The Andrews Incident

Prologue to the Second Robotech War.

This is my version of the events of Robotech: The Untold Story (the failed Robotech movie made from Megazone 23 Part I). Formerly labeled as a side story to The Freeman Chronicles (it still is, to an extent), but it was rewritten into a stand-alone story (the big differemces are in the epilogue section vs. the retelling of those events in Part 16 of The Freeman Chronicles). And, unlike the "real" movie, I kept the original footage intact and in order (adding a few scenes but deleting nothing). This story is in a script format, having drawn on multiple English versions of Megazone 23 (the dubs, fansubs and printed scripts), and I was more concerned with completing the story than rendering it into prose.

The Last Unicorn

Epilogue to the Second Robotech War.

This is a story of a lone Civil Defense soldier, placed in a situation not of her own choosing, in the darkest days after the fall of the Southern Cross.


A Zentraedi's Story.

This is a letter to the editor of the Monument City newspaper, after the departure of the SDF-3. It gives a decidedly different view of the Zentraedi fleet and the events of the Macross story, than what we are used to. With billions of Zentraedi, all with too much time on their hands, and lots of computer terminals, at least one eventually had to be like the monkey typing Shakespeare.....

Letters: An alternate future of the Nadia Universe


Written in the form of letters exchanged between the last surviving heirs of Atlantis (Nadia, Electra, and their descendents), this story ties together a number of threads to lead into another story altogether.

The Manifestation of Destinies

A Robotech/Macross meta-crossover.

Ever wonder what happened to the SDF-3? What about the Megaroad-01? Both Robotech and Macross have their lost ship legends, ironically with the same (sorta) characters on both ships, at the time of their loss. This crossover takes the few existing hints as to their fates, and binds them into an answer that will surprise you. Winner of the Golden Nader Award for Excellent Fan-Fiction. However, it needs extensive rewriting that I may get to eventually, thanks to the evolution of Macross & Robotech histories in the period since it was written.


The Freeman Chronicles

The Story Behind The Story

The Freeman Chronicles began in 1988, as a way to kill time while ill in the Army (specifically, in the reception battalion at Fort Knox in November in 1988). Of course, the illness ended my army career before it began, so I found myself with lots of free time. Originally, it was the novelization of my RPG campaign, which had covered the malcontent era of 2015-2020 by the time I enlisted. I had brought most of the Robotech novels in print at the time (#1-10) with me in my personal gear (in fact, I'd been unable to find them at home, and found them at a mall near the MEPS location, while being processed), and for a while, the books made me sort of the default library for my barracks-mates (I think I made at least a half-dozen new fans of the series in the process). When they found out I was writing a story set between books 6 & 7, they told me to keep writing, or else....

1989 saw my completion of the Southern Cross arc, and the 1-night gaming session that covered the entire Sentinels era as seen through the eyes of Scott Freeman. During this period, I continued writing, as I was threated with bodily harm (again) should I quit. By 1990, we were playing the Invid (TV) era (I didn't believe in the RPG second invasion any more than most fans), and I had caught up to the RPG's setting in my writing. This gave me the chance to go back and write a real treatment of the Sentinels era.

Finally, 1991 held the conclusion of the true Robotech arc of the RPG and the fanfic, which at that time consisted of 4 books of exactly 250 pages each, each book consisting of 4 parts (weird, huh?). This scared me so much, I went back in my first rewrite (in the period 1992 through 1994) and expanded the story to 18 parts spread over 5 books. Even weirder is that I didn't even have an end for the story or the RPG campaign in mind in 1991 until I had a particularly vivid dream one night, involving a certain green haired half-Zentraedi guiding me through the end of the story, in which all became clear to me. Plot elements I had written, seemingly unconnected, suddenly clicked together in a crystal clear unity, and I had the plot resolution I was looking for. To this day, I sometimes wonder about the definition of the word "Muse", and if there really is something to it ("...and now do you believe me, Sonny?" - Sonny, reading the dictionary entry of Muse in the movie Xanadu)

I first started typing in this monstrosity during this period, on an Atari 130XE computer, but after completing the first four parts (Book One) in 1994, some idiot stole the computer (not the peripherals, or even the POWER SUPPLY!). Finally, that fall at Eastern Kentucky University, I found a scanner in the computer labs that could handle the existing dot-matrix printouts, and converted to them to relatively modern computer formats. Since then, I've typed, edited, retyped and enhanced the story, completing Book Two in 1996 and Book Three in 1998, going through several computers in the meantime. The creation of the independent fanfics above and some really odd work schedules cut down on my work on Book Four in 1998-2005, but by 2007, I'd finally moved on to a much more comprehensive rewrite of Parts 15 (the last part of Book Four) and Part 16 (the first part of Book Five), in spurts between customers at a drive-through cigarette store. I finished the typing of Book Eighteen in 2009, during a period of family turmoil (my dad died in February, on my nephew's birthday, said nephew's mother died in November of that year).

My old laptop was so decrepit that when I got it as a hand-me-down, it only ran on AC power, and required connecting external mouse and keyboard to be useful. A year before he died, Dad got me a more modern (but still buggy as all hell) laptop, and I've continued doing fanfic work using it. When I'm on my desktop machine, I tend to be too busy playing Ultima Online or various Facebook games (though, in the case of the latter, I've about hit end-game on all the ones I've been playing, and have started shifting more time back to UO). If you play UO, I'm on the Lake Austin server, work as staff for UO Stratics, and my character names are a big give-away that it's me (Basara, Gamlin, Mylene (TWO different Mylenes, at that), Gigile, Sivil, and Lang. My other TV-influenced characters are Zagato, Daystrom (my tinker), and Andy (my Tailor - guild title "Sheriff of Mayberry").

Lately, I've started writing the stories that fit between The Freeman Chronicles and their sequels. I've even started working on a short story that takes place almost a decade later than those, with a Freeman descendent stuck deep undercover on a colony ship, just to monitor things, when everything goes to hell (and calling/going for help becoming problematic).

One of the end results of the constant rewriting over the last 20 years is that I've found out a LOT more about Robotech than I originally knew (given that I'd not even SEEN more than a couple dozen episodes, and had acquired the comics and novels for the rest in 1988, that's not hard), and much of this new knowledge has worked its way into the rewrites. Over the years, I've gone out of my way to be true to the story as much as possible, while incorporating parts of other Robotech stories I've liked that don't conflict with the new knowledge or the events of those RPG sessions long ago. These range from the novels (though I've toned these down in light of how far they were from the original story), comics, and RPG, to even a few references to the events of the stillborn Robotech Nintendo 64 game. Unlike others, I don't let my attempts to get to depths of Robotech "canon" (if there can be such a thing) get in the way of a good story that by its nature, goes its own way from those discoveries.

The Freeman Chronicles, Book One

Wherein the Freeman family is introduced and expands, to the backdrop of the Malcontent Wars. Warning: By the end of Part One, MAJOR changes occur that deviate this saga from Robotech canon.

Agents of Change

Part One: Through the Looking Glass

2016: A salvage mission to the moon is complicated by a treasonous plot overheard beforehand, and the fruition of it experienced in an unforeseen manner during their sojurn from home.

Part Two: Tell me the Secret

Scott Freeman becomes an uncle to a very special girl, who procedes to turn his life on its ear when she and Dana are kidnaped. All this, and deep mysteries from the past of Earth.

Part Three: Strange Days, Indeed!

Facing the revelations and tribulations of the last 16 months, Scott has to deal with an enemy willing to kill thousands just to get at him, and the perils of an unparalleled romance. At what point does test piloting become a safer alternative than facing your feelings?

Part Four: Twist of Fate

As the RDF begins the process of preparing for the departure of the SDF-3, old enemies resurface, and as a counterpoint, older allies return. Plans are laid for the final defense of Earth, should the REF and Southern Cross fall.

The Freeman Chronicles, Book One Side Story: Songbird: The Story of Tinya Marinoni

2016: Kayra Marinoni once was known as "The Zentraedi Songbird" in the Southlands, but her pop singing career cut short by bigotry, leading to her joining the RDF, which in turn led to her eventual marriage to Shannon Freeman. Her clone-sister was also being groomed as a rock act when this happened, but Tinya chose to try to make it on her own, leading to a tragic love story that would haunt the Southern Cross for the next fifteen years. Now, believed dead, and her sister missing in space, an opportunity arises for Tinya to strike a blow for Zentraedi freedom, but to do so she has to become her sister for a mission into the lion's den.

The Freeman Chronicles, Book Two

This is the saga of The Sentinels, from the viewpoint of the Freeman clan.

Nothing Ever Goes as Planned

Part Five: The Grand Illusion

Scott finds out that déjà vu only helps when it happens before the event experienced, and Karen befriends the rescued Tiresians - but for what ends?

Part Six: Fooling Yourself

In command of Green Squad, Skull Squadron, Scott and the rest of his team are vital parts of the Sentinels mission. But why is it that the Sentinels ship disturbs him, and what is it about Praxis that makes him really nervous?

Part Seven: Renegade

The escape from Praxis leads to tragedy on Garuda, and a fight for survival on Haydon IV.

Part Eight: Not Dead Yet

The enemy thought long dead resurfaces yet again, and to save the life of a friend, Karen must face certain death.

The Freeman Chronicles, Book Two Side Story: "...For Inspiration"

What do you get when you cross two middle-school-aged half-Zentraedi with a Dance Dance Revolution machine? Foreshadowing of things to come.

The Freeman Chronicles, Book Three

As a result of the events of Book One, the roster of the 15th ATAC increases by two, with profound effects on the Second Robotech War.

The Promise

Part Nine: Hopes and Dreams

Alex never wanted to be in the command structure of a combat unit - in fact, he joined the ASC for its education benefits, only to be shunted into the ATAC because his personal beliefs were too tolerant of aliens. Maybe that's why he was put into the unit Dana Sterling was to be assigned as XO (well, command position, if Sean keeps screwing up)? And what are these strange stories he keeps hearing about her having a green-haired foster sister that grew up with her and Bowie? Truth can be stranger than fiction, but what if the official "truth" behind the fiction is also bogus?

Part Ten: Who Made Who?

As the mystery around Noel Freeman deepens, Alex, Dana and Bowie have their own problems dealing with the war, including the capture of the Bioroid pilot they saw in the Macross ruins.

Part Eleven: Dancing on a High Wire

Noel comes to terms with her past, and Musica makes her decision to leave the Masters. But jealosy and betrayals hit the 15th hard once back on the ground, as the storm of the final battle of the war breaks above them in space.

Part Twelve: Exodus

The end of the Second Robotech War on Earth takes its toll, as a sacrifice is attempted to try to trade one tragedy for several. The 15th must take its caravan of clone and Southern Cross survivors southward, in an attempt to find sanctuary for them all in the face of the approaching Invid storm. But for now, one enemy wears an all too human face, and the other is the specter of death itself.
The Freeman Chronicles, Book Three Side Story: Stay With Me: The Last Temptation of Noel..

This takes place entirely within Noel's mind during the last chapters of Part Twelve, with a special guest appearance by a Tavicat character (and I don't mean Catreese, either). Noel finds that no good deed can go unpunished, according to the ancient adversary, and makes a few discoveries of her own as she faces her own end.

The Freeman Chronicles, Book Four


Part Thirteen: The Cassandra Conundrum

Scott has returned to Earth as commander of Vulcan Division - a last-ditch attempt to prepare the Earth for the Invid arrival. But even by joining forces with the survivors of the Southern Cross, this seems to be an impossible mission, especially in the light of the world disunity in the wake of the loss of the majority of the defense forces.

Part Fourteen: Hammer to Fall

The arrival of the Invid spells doom for those unfortunates not prepared, yet the human refuse that benefits from the invasion is even worse. Vulcan Division begins working toward the eventual liberation of Earth, but first they must save those not under Invid domination from that of other humans.

Part Fifteen: Into the Fire

With the arrival of Mars Division, Vulcan drops its cover, engaging a mad plan to save as many of the incoming troops as they can while beginning the liberation of Africa. Afterwards, a long range scout mission is sent to look for other Mars Division survivors at Point Kilo, and Wolfe's forces, but is lost as well...
The Freeman Chronicles, Book Four Side Story: The Ones they left Behind.

The childhood relationship between Aurora Sterling and Zor & Musi Freeman (see Book Two) sets the stage for the end of Book Five, as well as being a prequel to the seminal events of The Skygate Cycle. (which I hope to eventually start typing in).

The Freeman Chronicles, Book Five

The Invid War, and beyond. Genesis Climbers

Part Sixteen: Final Approach

Bernard's band, increased in size by two by the events of the last book, enters North America at last, and must make its way over the Rockies in winter, in order to make it to Reflex Point in time to join the scheduled assault by the REF fleet. It is a trip of self-discovery and secrets uncovered, then kept, as the pivotal moment in history approaches. Covers the equivalent of series episodes "Midnight Sun" to "Hired Gun".

Part Seventeen: Event Horizon

As Scott Freeman leads his assault force from Africa in from the Atlantic coast, Scott Bernard must face the truth about Marlene in his trip in from New York City. The two groups meet, and face the mystery of Reflex Point as one. In doing so, they change the universe forever.

Part Eighteen: Worlds Without End

The survivors have to deal with the consequences of the last 25 years of conflict, while preparing for the search for the missing SDF-3. In the end, will love override destiny at last?

The Freeman Chronicles, Book Five Side Story

Boldly Going??? The First Voyage of the Dreamweaver.

This is the continuation of the Epilogue at the end of Book Five.

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As I get them finished and converted, I'll make links, below...

The End of the Innocence

In the wake of the events of The Freeman Chronicles, a new generation of lovers and warriors grow up in the shadows of their parents and grandparents.

The timelines in these will bounce all over the place in the course of telling

Part One: The End of the Innocence (collection of short stories)

Part Two: Young Turks (aka The Many Loves of Steven Freeman).

Part Three: Shattered Dreams (2052, when everything goes wrong)

Epilogue: Sentinel (2060s, Freeman universe time, but in a different, but related, universe. What do you do when you KNOW you are a "Mary Sue", but have to maintain your cover?)

Note: These titles are EXTREMELY tentative.

The Skygate Cycle, Book One: Wheel in the Sky

A dimensional anomaly strands most of Outreach on a strange world, where magic coexists with technology, and tyranny wears many faces. Faced with little hope of immediate rescue, they begin the long struggle to face, and hopefully one day save this strange Earth of 2388 from itself and from the forces that besiege it.

Part One: Wrong turn at Alberquerque

Part Two: Settling In

Part Three: Reunions

Note: These titles are EXTREMELY tentative.

Tales of Nazgul Squadron

Of the fifteen Outreach teams, twelve arrive in the book above, while two others escaped the anomaly back home. The missing one attempted to fold out of the anomaly, ending up in a world far removed from the others, yet much closer to their hearts. If you were from the year 2052 in a Robotech timeline, and found yourself in a history parallel to your own, but in 2014, what would you do?

Tales of Nazgul Squadron, Part Zero: The Fallen Disciple.

This story is chronologically the oldest in the Nazgul setting, but is the prequel to the Nazgul version of the Sentinels mission. However, it is stand-alone to such an extent, that I'm currently typing it in before diving into the Skygate Cycle.

Tales of Nazgul Squadron, Book One: A Stranger in Númenor

Part One: The Gathering Storm

Part Two: Nine Rings

Part Three: Truths and Consequences

Note: These titles are EXTREMELY tentative.

Tales of Nazgul Squadron, Book Two: Project Argo

Part Four: Enter the Scavengers

Part Five: "Yeah, and I'm Leader Desslok!"

Part Six: "Sink the Bismark!" (Round Two)

Note: These titles are EXTREMELY tentative.

Tales of Nazgul Squadron, Book Three: Role Reversals

Part Seven: Project Artemis is Missing

Part Eight: Year of the Impaler

Part Nine: Ragnarok and Roll

Note: These titles are EXTREMELY tentative.

Tales of Nazgul Squadron, Book Four: Haven't We Been Here Before?

Prologue: "Starheart" (The Fallen Disciple, Part Two)

Part Ten: Marduk Rising

Part Eleven: Spiritua Nightmare

Part Twelve: Light the Light

Note: These titles are EXTREMELY tentative.